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This is an RP journal for the com aternatopia, no infringement is intended, move along... thank you.

Character Info:

West Wing
Name: Josh Lyman
Age: 48 (1960)
Physical Appearance: Josh is a little over 5'10'' and while not exactly buff he's not obese either. Basically he's in the heath most government workers are. He has shortish very curly light brown hair.
Education: Harvard- undergrad Yale-Law Degree
Occupation: Former: Chief of Staff to President Mathew Santos, Current: Un-employed
Significant Other: Former: Donna, Current: ??
Sexual Preference: Female

Character Biography:

Joanie was Josh's older sister who died when he was 4, there was a fire in the house, he survived, she didn't. Listening to her favorite classical music, Schubert, still has the power to make him fall down and cry. This traumatic childhood left him with a droll, dark and sarcastic sense of humor which he uses to keep the outside world away. Very few people ever see the real Josh. Donna Moss was one, Sam Seaborne, Matt Santos, Josiah Bartlet and Leo McGarry were some of only a handful he let in.

Josh is considered to have one of the best minds in American politics. He is credited with several important wins in both elections and congressional battles. He is known for finding the longshot candidate or cause and somehow pulling the win 'out of his ass'. He has also become known as quite the 'king maker' in the Democratic party. Perhaps President Bartlet described Josh's personality and goals best, "I've always wanted to be the guy, you've always wanted to be the guy the guy counts on."

During his tenure as Deputy Chief of Staff for the Bartelt Administration, Josh was shot in an assassination attempt on the President and presidential aide Charlie Young. He survived, but recovery involved months of recuperation and he still has the occasional attack of PTSD from the attack.

He later quit his job as DCOS after being passed over for promotion and he eventually found the man he wanted to make the next president Matthew Santos.

Personality in seven words or less: sarcastic, smart, caring, lonely, tenacious, obsessive

How Others Perceive Your Character: Most people see the image he creates, that of the arrogant ass. The man who always has the sarcastic comment, the bitchy response and the arrogant assholeness to back it all up. Few bother to notice that it's just a shell, that that real Josh is far more interesting.

Beliefs, Convictions, Morals: Some basic Jewish beliefs, mostly his own system of morals.

Reason(s) for Escaping to Canada: After a nasty breakup with Donna Josh didn't feel like he could handle being Santos's COS.

Their DHAs [Dreams, Hopes, and Aspirations] for Canada: Josh wants to get his head on straight. He's been working in the high pressure world of Washington politics for over a decade... it's time to take a break. Plus a nasty breakup didn't help his sanity either.

Twenty-Questions for the Characters:

1. What turns you on:
2. What turns you off:
3. Would you see a shrink:
Yeah, I've seen a shrink, multiple shrinks, most of them named Stanley actually. You know, I just put that together.
4. Worst Childhood experience:
The fire where I lost my sister
5. Favorite Film:
Star Wars, yes even political dorks can have you know other dorkatude
6. Favorite Song: Ave Maria, Shubert's version
7. Favorite Word:
Democrat, or asshat, take your pick
8. Least Favorite Word:
Mary Marsh (well, that's two, but it's one in my book)
9. Favorite Curse Word:
10. Best gift ever received:
Something from the president, not gonna say what though.
11. Sound or Noise you hate: gunfire
12. Sound or Noise you love:
chatter of a phone bank
13. Do they know the answer to 64 million dollar question:
The democrats are right!
14. [Complete the sentence] ... All the world's a stage...
All the world's a stage, and I get to pick the lead actors and tweek the script.
15. Did Yoko Ono really break up the Fab Four:
Yeah, probably
16. Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee:
Bruce Lee, he did his own stuff, that just kicks ass.
17. Half full or half empty: half empty
18. Coke or Pepsi:
Coke, for some reason there was only Pepsi in the White House half the time
19. If you were a Jellybean flavor, which one:
Um, Chocolate?
20. And, finally, if Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Joanie's over that way, and oh yeah, great job on the Bartlet and Santos campaigns man.
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